Digital marketing has officially taken over as the preferred method for lead generation.  If you’ve been a business owner, entrepreneur, network marketer, multi-level marketer, big ticket promoter, like I have since the early ‘80s, you’ve probably seen the world of ‘selling’ change. As all things in our world have changed, right?

If you come from a traditional sales background, you have NO CHOICE but to get your head around what digital marketing means to your future.

I used to work for a Sales Manager back in the ‘90s that wore a lapel  pin on every single sales call that was the image of a dinosaur and emblazened across it said: Adapt Or Die.

I guess it made an impression on me, even though the entire sales team thought he was strange…

Here are just a few of the reasons why people prefer digital marketing to the now ancient art of selling.

No One These Days Answers Calls From Strangers
Look at your own behaviour on this one…if you see an inbound call that’s not familiar, you let it go to voicemail, right? Most people aren’t interested in answering calls from strangers. If they don’t recognize your phone number, they really ZERO reason to pick up.

  • If they do answer your call, why should they trust you? They have NO reason to trust you.
  • Unless you are someone important or famous, there is simply no incentive to return your call whatsoever.
  • People these days find their resources through referral or an online search, not through a sales call.

So, a question for you, why does digital marketing work better for any type of sales/marketing campaign?

Everyone is online – Through digital marketing, you can connect with almost every imaginable audience or demographic in the universe. There are absolutely no limitations when it comes to geographic, demographic or language.

You add trust using digital marketing correctly
When selling, you’re asking people to trust you without first giving them a reason. This approach has never been more challenging than it is in this day and age. If your buyer can find social proof about you or your business online they’re more likely to come to you. Because we all have gotten used to finding what we need online, it’s a lot easier to lead people to you. With digital marketing you can make a ‘trust deposit’ just by creating useful content on a blog and sharing it via social media.

WAY more cost effective and profitable – There is a common misconception that selling is cheaper than digital marketing because all it takes is time. Here’s the rub, though…time is the most valuable resource you have. If you fall into the camp of failing to give adequate value to your time or you are not motivated by the idea of freeing up more of your time using sales & marketing automation, then you’ll probably end up like Trex.

The key to producing high profits and positive ROI is spending time doing what you do best and streamlining the rest. That could mean outsourcing what you are not best at.

Broaden your reach – Selling is strictly a one-by-one outreach process, which severely limits the number of people you can contact. Even the best sales pros can only make a few hundred calls a day, maximum. Digital marketing provides you with the opportunity to grow your reach exponentially. When one person reads, comments or shares your content, their entire network of peeps can see it. Even if just a few people share it, your reach can grow and grow and grow….forever…because the content is ALWAYS there. How powerful is that!!!

Puts your prospects in a comfort/buying zone – When your prospects find you online, they will be much more likely to trust you, especially when you give value before asking for a sale. Through digital marketing, you can provide your prospects with all they need to feel comfortable working with you – social proof via testimonials, case studies, articles, news, etc. All of these types of content are incredibly effective to turn visitors into leads, leads into prospects, and prospects into buyers/paying customers.

So, what are your thoughts…is selling dead? Does it still have a place in the new digital economy? Or has digital marketing taken over entirely? Share your comments below!