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Welcome to where we share about all things digital internet marketing. If you’re a newbie, glad you’re here!

I love to share digital marketing methods that are perfect for anyone just starting out (Newbies) as well as for any marketers looking to increase their income without increasing the amount of work they need to do.

Before you read on…let me state categorically…#1… I do this myself… #2…It actually works… #3…I promise this is not another load of empty promises.


  • Are you a struggling digital internet marketer?
  • Have you failed to find anything that is both easy and works?
  • Yes… then THIS is for you.

OK, so I’ve called this system The 21 Day Digital Business Blueprint… simply because its designed to help you escape the grind, the 9-5 and make sure you can reach that goal of FREEDOM in your life.

You Won’t Need…

You won’t need to already have a website, hosting, content, videos or any of that…yet. What’s layed out in the Blueprint is not tricky or techy at all. In fact it’s ridiculously easy…as you will see. And you can use it to promote any affiliate, drop-ship, or network marketing product you like. Although I recommend using it with evergreen products (the kind you find at places like ClickBank, Share A Sale, or Amazon)….

I’ve put together a 21 Day training for you (I’m not charging for access – details at the bottom of this post) The step-by-step Blueprint is based on affiliate marketing, by the way.

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21 Days to long term Affiliate commissions

So let’s take a quick peek at the steps… there are just 21 steps to this process and the whole thing will take you as little as 10 – 20 minutes to as much as an hour or two each day to set up depending on your experience level, or lack thereof.

Important note: this is not techie stuff or difficult to do… I promise that you will be able to do this today – even if you are brand new to digital marketing.

I’ll highlight some of the steps that will get you on the right track here:


In Step 1, you’ll need a Free ClickBank affiliate account… If you don’t have one, head over to ClickBank and set one up… its free!

Once you have your account set up, you’ll want to click ‘Marketplace’ in the top menu and chose a product to promote (full details in the Blueprint).


Next, in Step 2, you need to check that there are ads running for the product you plan to promote… we need to ensure that people are willing to run ads in order to proceed, makes sense right?

Inside the Blueprint, you’ll find out about the very best way to ‘spy’ on competitors and see who is spending money where to make money with the offer you have chosen.


Now, Step 3 is an important one… you’ll need to check if the vendors site will work with the direct linking trick we are going to use. And we can do this quickly, easily and without cost by dropping the vendors sales page URL into a little known online software (don’t worry using it is 100% FREE)


Are you good at and do you know how to write good advertisements that gets clicks, converts customers and makes you commissions on autopilot?… The fact is, most people don’t…so don’t fret. You can count on the fact that the vendor of the product you want to promote does! They’ve more than likely already spent the time and money getting their ad conversions perfect. So the next piece of research is to find out exactly which ads work best along with the keywords they use to trigger the ads. How do you do that neat trick??? It actually takes seconds using a little known research platform… again for free (there is a paid premium service available…but you won’t need it…you’ll be fine just using the free version.


Keywords… YES you need keywords to make digital marketing work! But forget all about painfully laborious keyword research. Do yourself a favor and dump any thoughts of paying a premium for some complicated overkill software which will cost you your right arm and maybe a leg…not to mention suck up a month or two of your time while you try to figure it out. Nope…all you do is drop in the site URL for the sales page into this platform (another FREE tool) and scoop every keyword the page is targeting instantly.


Now for the fancy little trick…basically, this enables you to direct link without anyone knowing it…without any ugly affiliate links popping into the browser… and without any problems with ad platforms (many have any issue with the destination link being different than the entry link).

Please note: This is a direct linking no-fuss-no-frills method. You won’t be able to build a list with this approach – but you will make money, often within hours… so if that’s good enough for you, then you need to start doing this today!


Instant traffic… yep! None of this twiddling thumbs while waiting for results. You want to make money today, not next week or next month…right? For this method, you want to use a PPC (Pay Per Click) / search platform. The cost is super cheap, and you can start with a $5 per day campaign and scale from profit. This is especially helpful if you’re on a budget. You’ll find out more about the set up in the Blueprint so you will know what to do so you can start doing the same today. You can buy dirt cheap paid traffic that will put your link/offer in front of 100s/1000s in minutes.

Make Money Within 24 Hours?

And lastly… You make money, and yes you will. But wait: will I make $1000’s Overnight?

Do you need to ask?… No you won’t make $1000s overnight… this is a simple blueprint that will provide you with solid results fast. Expect to start slow, but once you’re in a rhythm, it’s so easy to scale the campaigns that work. If you like easy then this is it… 21 Day Digital Business Blueprint is Simple & Effective. Just follow the training and then apply the method and expect to start on your path to freedom.

How To Access 21 Day Digital Business Blueprint

Would you like the Blueprint? (I’m not charging anything for it)… If you would, here is what to do next.

  • Step 1: Comment below and tell me you’re interested and why (add your comment to the comments area below)
  • Step 2: Click the Big Red Button below & follow the 21 Day Digital Business Blueprint access details.

I look forward to reading your comments!